Ms. Brenna Hanratty


Hello! My name is Brenna Hanratty. I will be your 6th grade teacher at St. John the Baptist Grade School. I am very excited to learn and grow with you
this year. I was born in Columbia, MO but moved to Union when I was very young. I grew up in Union and attended St. John’s Church with my family. I
graduated from Missouri State University in Springfield with a Bachelor of Science degree and earned my Master of Arts in Teaching from Missouri
Baptist University.
In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. Hobbies include running, reading, ice skating, cooking and baking, yoga, crafts, and traveling.
I have two cats (JoJo and Leo) and currently live in Union.


Sixth Grade Curriculum:


Focuses on the study of the Old Testament of the Bible.

English – grades 6 – 8

Curriculum includes writing, research, grammar, and mechanics skills.


Spelling words are associated with the reading series.  Weekly tests and assignments are given.


Includes instruction from our reading series as well as whole-class and independent reading of novels.  Vocabulary and literary skills are part of reading instruction.

Accelerated Reader

The entire school participates in the Accelerated Reader Program.  In 6th grade, students are required to read 4 books per quarter and pass the quizzes.

Free Reading

Students in grades 5-8 are required to have a free reading book at all times.  On Fridays, the students are given a free reading class period.  The students are required to keep a free reading journal with a separate entry for each class period.  These are collected and graded quarterly.

Social Studies

The focus is on ancient cultures and civilizations from hunter-gatherers to Ancient Rome.