Mrs. Katrina Gilmor


Second Grade Curriculum:

Math:  Addition (with and without regrouping), Subtraction (with and without regrouping), Multiplication, Division, Rounding, Estimating, Fractions, Money, Time (to the nearest minute), fact families, patterns, graphing, and telling the temperature.

Reading:  We work with whole group and small group reading.  We use the AR program, and we use SRA’s.

Handwriting:  We learn cursive starting in the middle of the year.

Science:  I teach Life (Animals and Life Cycles), Physical (states of matters, sound, heat, light, magnets, force, and electricity), and Earth Science (weather, seasons, the solar system, and the earth).

Social Studies:  History, Government, Community, Natural Resources, Landforms, using a map, and using a graph.

Religion:  We learn about the sacraments.  We learn about the Ten Commandments, the parts of the Bible, the Holy Days of Obligation, and the parts of the Rosary.  We receive First Reconciliation and First Communion.

English:  We learn about adverbs, adjectives, nouns, and verbs.  We learn how to break a sentence into subject and predicate.  We learn how to write a paragraph.