Ms. Emily Patke


Fifth Grade Curriculum:

Social Studies:

First Semester – Missouri History and Geography

Second Semester – American History-Age of Exploration and Colonization, Current Events

What we will be doing:

Reading text in class for understanding concepts

Worksheets to follow up lessons/notes (spiral notebook)

Vocabulary and map skills

Study Guides

Tests – multiple choice, essay, and vocabulary

English – Writing and Grammar

Notes given for each concept in grammar (spiral notebook)

Exercises taken from book together/short assignment or worksheet

Tests given at end of each grammar chapter

Writing assignments are often done in class – stories, essays, and letters

Religion – Liturgy, Parts of the Mass, Sacraments, Liturgical Year

Text is read together – important concepts are highlighted in book

Notes and questions are given for each chapter (spiral notebook)

Usually a weekly test of multiple choice and essay questions

Family Life is taught in the Spring

Accelerated Reading – Each weekday morning from 7:30 – 7:45 a.m.

During library time

When assignments are completed, reading is encouraged

There are 2 computers in the classroom for AR Tests – with online system

In grades 5-8, AR counts as part of the English grade.

Each student should read 4 books per quarter and pass the test on each book.  Each test is worth 25 points, and at the end of the quarter, a total of 100 points is possible.  Your child should be reading a book and passing a test about every 2 weeks.  A total of 16 books is required by the end of the school yeaar.  I often read AR books to my class, and they are allowed to take a test on the book when we are finished.

Social Studies Curriculum – Grades 6, 7, and 8

6th Grade – Ancient History to Modern Times

This class follows the same outlines as 5th grade except for the course of study.  A project on one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is done.  Current Events after each chapter test.

7th Grade – American History to 1850

Practices in Guided Reading, daily Section Quizzes, and Reteaching exercises – Study Guides and Chapter Tests – Study of the Constitution – Major Project: “The Living Constitution” – Research an amendment and explain how it changed the Constitution.  Current events after each test.

8th Grade – American History from 1850 to Present

Same format as 7th grade – Major Project: “Native Americans” – Research a tribe and its chief, explain what became of these peoples as a result of Westward Movement of pioneers.  Current Events after each test.