Mrs. Tina Brueggemann


Eighth Grade Curriculum:


St. John’s spends the first two quarters learning about the Catholic faith with the Christ Our Life religion textbook.

The third quarter is spent preparing for Confirmation.  The students attend a one day retreat.  They are also asked to perform 25 hours of Christian service and write a report on the Saint they chose.

The fourth quarter is spent studying the issue surrounding family life.

We attend Mass three times a week and make occasional visits to the Blessed Sacrament.  In the Fall, the students participate in the Healthy Lifestyles program hosted by St. Francis Borgia Regional High School.

A member of the Respect Life Office visits for a day and presents the Right START program with the students.

We take part in the March for Life essay writing contest and send several students to the actual March for Life in Washington D.C. every January.


The first semester is spent studying grammar, usage, sentence mechanics, and parts of speech.

The second semester is devoted to developing students’ writing skills.  Students do extensive paragraph writing, as well as essays and a research paper.


St. John’s uses the Saxon Pre-Algebra text book.  This book provides the fundamentals necessary to be successful in a high school algebra class.

Topics covered include:  decimals; fractions; area, surface area, and volume of complex objects; angle measurements and determination; exponential expressions and radicals; scientific notation; ratio and proportion; absolute value; solving one and two-step first order algebraic equations using the balanced equation approach; changing rates; graphing inequalities; probability; and solving simple second order equations.