A little about St. John’s…

We are a Christ-centered Catholic community working together with the primary educators – the parents – to empower each child with the ability to make informed decisions as a capable, connected, and contributing citizen, through the development of respect, responsibility, and concern for others.


We Believe


We believe that we must do what we can with what we have in the time we are given in this very place.

We believe that as good as we are at what we do, we must always get better, that as we invite and challenge them to learn and grow, so must we.

We believe that GOD is part of every aspect of this Holy task…that He has called us to it and He will see us through it.





We believe this involves the children entrusted to our care that every single one of them can learn, grow, and succeed.


We believe that we must partner with parents and grandparents, pastors and custodians, cooks and cousins.


We believe there is a child of God behind every choice we make.

Our History

From the very beginning, St. John the Baptist parish has felt a strong responsibility for educating its children.  It is recorded in the parish history, One Hundred Fifty Years For God and Country, “The log church had hardly been built for the divine service (1839) when a school teacher was installed in the same building throughout the week to give this blessing to the children of the mission parish.”  There are no official records concerning the enrollment of the first schools, but attendance averaged from 20 to 30 children.

Our history further records the second school building to be a frame weatherboard building built in 1844.  The third school building was the old priest house and the fourth a brick structure built in the late 1870’s, located between the present church and library/computer lab.

The fifth school building, erected in 1960-61, is the one we currently use.  “The building was completed with six classrooms, bathroom facilities, an office, cafeteria complete with a large kitchen, and a gym/parish center.”

Enrollment steadily increased and the decision was made to add two more classrooms and two basement rooms.  A fund drive was started in 1975 and the classrooms were built in 1976-77.

In 1991, an addition was made to the east side of our building.  The gym was enlarged, a classroom and bathrooms were added on one level, and another classroom/meeting room and storage area was added to the lower level.

Through all of this construction and change, the parishioners of St. John the Baptist have worked and sacrificed to make progress happen.  Children attending our school now have ancestors that worked to build the first log structure.  We have a rich history in our school.

More on the history of our parish and school can be found in the book One Hundred Fifty Years For God and Country available by contacting the school secretary.

Our Namesake

His name is John

He was known for many things.

We focus on two of them:

– He jumped for joy in his mother’s womb when Jesus was present.

– He gave his life to prepare others to receive Jesus.

This is also OUR call.

We want to always recognize the presence of Jesus in everyone…and rejoice at such a gift.  We also want to prepare the way for our students to meet Jesus so they can prepare others.

What a privilege to have our faith community named after such a man.

May we always imitate his love and courage as we strive to:

  • Recognize
  • Rejoice
  • Prepare

Our Vision

It’s the back of the student’s head as she/he is walking out the door.

We have already looked into their eyes.

We have given them hugs and nudges.

We have interacted, laughed, lectured, coordinated a thousand “hands on” projects.

We have worshiped beside them.

We have rejoiced in their successes.

We have helped them turn their imperfect attempts, into learning experiences.

We have felt our own hearts break with some of their deepest hurts.

We have strategized with their parents to empower their growth.

We have come to realize, so clearly, that is not about us, that we actually celebrate the back of their head walking out the door.

Because, we know, they are ready for the next step of a very sacred journey in which we have been PRIVILEGED to share.

They are strong and on the move away from us, faith-filled and compassionate.

This is our Vision:

  • The Back of their heads
  • And a very purposeful walk
  • Into their successful future