Why Choose St. John’s?

Our students score significantly  above average on National testing

Are active participants in the Liturgy and service to others…at school & in the community

Are instructed in all the basics plus Religion, Music, Computer, Physical Education (PE) & more!

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Our History

Began in a log building in 1839

A 2nd building was built in 1844

A 3rd building was built in the 1850’s

A 4th building was built in the late 1870’s

A 5th (& current) building was built in 1961

Our Namesake

He jumped for joy in his mother’s womb when Jesus was present

He gave his life to prepare others to receive Jesus

May we always imitate his love & courage as we strive to: recognize, rejoice, and prepare.

Our Vision

To look into their eyes

To give them hugs & nudges

To interact, laugh, lecture and worship beside them

To rejoice in their successes and help them turn their imperfect attempts into learning experiences


A Different Approach

Our children learn beyond what can be taught through text books and computers.  They learn the love of God, the love of family and neighbor, the love of thy self, and, most importantly, they learn service to others.



Unique Solutions

Even though we have “Catholic” in our name.  Catholic means “universal”.  So, we are not just a Catholic school.  We are a school that is open to people of all faiths.



Quality Over Quantity

Our small class sizes allow for more individual attention.


  • Ms. Diane Smith
  • Principal
  • (636) 583-2392

  • Mrs. Joan Knight
  • Secretary
  • (636) 583-2392

  • Fr. Tim Foy
  • Pastor
  • (636) 583-2488